Medical Derma Pen Micro Skin Needling €90

Deep wrinkles, Deep Scars, Open Pores, Peri Orbital Lines, Under Eye Lines, Advanced Derma Pen Micro Needling

Medical Microdermabrasion NOW €70

South Dublin, 50 Merrion Road, Ballsbridge and Blanchardstown Acne Scars, Sun Damage, Anti-aging, Fine Lines, Anti-Wrinkle

Red Vein Removal Now €70

Removal of facial red veins, broken veins, spider nervi, milia, skin tags. The most effective treatment for Red Vein Removal for men and women

Suitable For:

  • microdermbrasion-tabAging skin including eye areas, hands and large body areas

  • microdermbrasion-tabAcne and trauma scars

  • microdermbrasion-tabCongested & oily skin

  • microdermbrasion-tabBlackheads and whiteheads

  • microdermbrasion-tabIngrown facial hairs

  • microdermbrasion-tabHyper pigmentation

  • microdermbrasion-tabSun-damaged skin

microdermbrasion-tabMinimises The Apperance Of:

  • microdermbrasion-tabFine lines and wrinkles

  • microdermbrasion-tabCrow’s feet

  • microdermbrasion-tabCellulite and stretch marks

  • microdermbrasion-tabAge spots

  • microdermbrasion-tabUneven skin texture and glow

  • microdermbrasion-tabEnlarged pores

  • microdermbrasion-tabBlemishes





Discover the benefits of microdermabrasion and see why this incredible treatment is the number one non-surgical skin rejuvenation programme in Ireland and the UK. Microdermabrasion €70 Book Today | Dublin Vitality Centre | 50 Merrion Road | 01-9018359 Blanchardstown | 01-8201602 not €120 per treatment.



Dublin Vitality Center
Merrion Road and Blanchardstown Village
Dublin 15 and South City Centre
Ballsbridge 01-9018359 | Blanchardstown 01-8201602


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BioMat Far Infra Red Light Therapy

At Vitality Centre, heated Far Infra Red light Biomats are used to make your experience more comfortable and therapeutic. Sink back on a warm bed of hot stone amethyst crystal to relax and rejuvenate your entire system. Look forward to younger skin as tension and aches fade away.


Far Infra Red Light Therapy Biomats offer natural pain relief during all skin treatment programmes which means faster recovery and reduced discomfort. Enjoy the feeling of this deeply soothing therapy.


Biomat Far infra red light therapy is now used in the most advanced clinics to accelerate recovery time, stimulate new skin cell production and offer relaxation and comfort during your skin treatment.


This means that you feel pampered and cared for throughout the entire process as your body relaxes and muscles release stress. Vitality Centre is one of the first clinics in Ireland to bring you this new and exclusive therapy.




A Unique Skin Rejuvention Programme to Tackle The 3 Major Contributory Factors Of Aged Skin



1. SKIN RE-SURFACE with microdermabrasion :NOW €70 Book Today | Dublin Vitality Center | 50 Merrion Road | 01-9018359 Blanchardstown | 01-8201602 Not €120

Very often the upper dermal skin surface is damaged and congested. This causes the overall surface of the face to look hard and skin appears course and dry. This happens over time and contributes to the tired look associated with aging. No amount of make up or moisturiser will help. Even injections cannot rectify this problem. Congested dead skin must be gently abraded away to reveal the new skin cells underneath. During diamond microdermabrasion , the congested, dry, damaged dead skin is removed to reveal the younger skin underneath. Skin glows with renewed youth and vitality.


red broken veins dublin

2.RED BROKEN VEINS removed with Diathermy: NOW €70 Book Today | Dublin Vitality Center | 50 Merrion Road | 01-9018359 Blanchardstown | 01-8201602 Not €105


The aging process along with environmental factors such as sun, wind, hot and cold weather can cause the appearance of tiny broken capillaries around the nose and cheeks. These are called thread veins. They are unsightly and very difficult to hide. However, these thread veins, milia and skin tags can easily be removed fast and effectively using Diathermy. After just one treatment blemish free clear skin is revealed. . No laser, no damage. Just instant results in most cases. Rarely is a second treatment of diathermy required.


skin needling dublin

3.MEDICAL SKIN NEEDLING | The Natural Botox for Deep Lines and Wrinkles: NOW €90 Not €180


Over time, crow’s feet may appear around the eyes. Laughter lines become pronounced around the mouth. Scars from acne reside and thicken making the skin appear leathered and rough. Whilst microdermabrasion resurfaces the skin cells horizontally, a deeper treatment is needed to reach problem wrinkles and furrows which are deep set in the skin. That is why micro skin needling using the advanced derma pen is often recommended as part of your personalised anti-aging skin programame.


Skin needling or derma rolling is often called “The Natural Botox” because it empowers your skin to produce its own natural collagen. This amazing non-surgical treatment developed by plastic surgeons, enables new skin growth deep within the skin, where damage and wrinkles reside . At Dublin Vitality Centre, nurse trained skin therapists use the most advanced derma pen to create millions of microscopic perforations under the skin where wrinkles reside.  A blend of highly concentrated mineral rich hyraluronic acid serum, collagen and peptides are applied afterwards to sooth and cool and to bring hydration deep inside the dermis.



Microdermabrasion €70 Book Today | Dublin Vitality Center | 50 Merrion Road | 01-9018359 Blanchardstown | 01-8201602 | Skin Needling €90 | Red Vein Removal €70 by Nurse Trained Skin Therapists Dublin 4 and Dublin 15 . Discover Younger Skin, Reduced Wrinkles, Sun Damage, Open Pores. Book Today Merrion Road, South City Centre 01-9018359 Blanchardstown Village 01-8201602


Aesthetic Medical Doctor Consultations

Fillers or injectables are sometimes used to gently lift and fill the face in a subtle realistic fashion which compliments the other skin treatments on offer at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge.  You may book an appointment with a qualified registered aesthetic doctor who offers a full skin clinic at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge on Sundays. Book fillers or injectables today at Vitality Centre Ballsbridge by calling Dr. Zaleska on 087 276 5018.


If you wish to natually cleanse the body and detox your entire system, Dublin Vitality Centre Ballsbridge brings you a 5 Day Cleanse Retreat Holiday. This programme is designed to offer weight loss and increased vitality. Find Out More